About MyReports

Access to essential documents – anytime, anywhere

Many businesses need to make vital documents available to many users in numerous locations. However,  Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions (such as our ImageNow) can often be too complex if you only have simpler information storage and access needs.

In response to this, Moorepay have developed a simple, cost effective image hosting service for the hosting and viewing of your documents called MyReports.

How it works

MyReports offers electronic storage and management of all types of digital content and allows you to manage all aspects of digital information processing such as images files and office documents e.g. Word, Excel, PDFs etc.

By storing and retrieving your documents from an electronic archive, you have the flexibility to choose the size of archive you need without having to make major investment in hardware, software or infrastructure.

Outsourcing the storage and access of your digital records reduces the expense of internal IT resources.  Management of your paperless office becomes quick, easy and – importantly – secure. As it is an off-site hosted system, business continuity is guaranteed, while users can search and access electronic records at any time from any location.

Key features and benefits

If you’re looking for a simple, cost effective service for the hosting and viewing of your images and documents, then MyReports is the answer. Call today on 0845 073 0260.